JavaScript Meetup

JavaScript Meetup 24 Nov 2010 - 19:00

Fabian Jakobs from about Cloud9 IDE

Cloud9 IDE is aiming to be the IDE for Javascript developers. We have all experienced the Eclipse variants and other Java or C++ IDE’s for which webdevelopment and javascript was an afterthought. Extending these applications or customizing them to our needs was done in either Java or C++ and generally very difficult. We are developing applications in javascript to run online for a purpose, why shouldn’t you do your application development online too?

Fabian Jakobs is JavaScript developer at and qooxdoo alumnus.

Michael Haszprunar about JavaScript and PHP

when You See It You'll Shit Bricks

when you see it you'll shit bricks

Tobias Klipstein about Mobile JavaScript with EmbedJS

embedJS is a JavaScript framework for embedded devices (mobile phones, TVs, etc.). It takes a different approach than other frameworks by shipping just the code needed for each device. That means, there’s less code going over the wire, less code branching at runtime and less memory usage.

Tobias Klipstein is one of the Co-Founders of Uxebu in Munich. The early involvement in web technologies provides him with deep knowledge and experience for designing and implementing stable and scalable architectures. He has been an active open source contributor on multiple projects and currently is an active committer to the Dojo Toolkit.

Slides and Resources

embedJS – the JavaScript toolkit that fits all on Slideshare
Kick ass code editing and end to end JavaScript debugging on Slideshare


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