JavaScript Meetup

JavaScript Meetup 2 Nov 2011 - 19:00

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  • Mandatory registration: This time we have to be strict about registrations – you will only be able to attend the meetup if you have registered beforehand.


Understanding JavaScript’s prototypal inheritance – Axel Rauschmayer

  • Topic: This talk uses a simple example to explain JavaScript object-orientation and inheritance in a step by step fashion. Keywords: objects, prototypes, constructors, constructor inheritance.
  • Presenter: Dr. Axel Rauschmayer is a freelance consultant and coach for JavaScript, web technologies and information management. He has developed web applications since 1995 and held his first talk on Ajax in 2006. In 1999, he was technical manager of an internet startup that later expanded throughout Europe. Rauschmayer got his doctorate in Informatics at the University of Munich in 2010. He blogs regularly on about technical topics.

Unhosted: freedom from the web’s monopolies – Jan-Christoph Borchardt

  • Topic: Web applications usually come with storage attached to it – your users can not choose where your app stores their files, and you have to bother about providing data storage.
    We want to improve the web infrastructure by separating web applications from user data: unhosted apps are pure JavaScript running locally in a browser – which can be connected to a remote storage which loads their data in.
    Technically speaking, we define a protocol stack consisting of CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing), WebFinger, OAuth and GET, PUT, DELETE – and work on its adoption through patching apps and storage providers. Check out for more info.
  • Presenter: Jan-Christoph Borchardt is designer, user researcher, part-time coder and activist for free culture, free software, telecommunications & a free web. Just finished with his studies of information design, he improves the user experience of free & open source web applications.
    Currently he is full-time web revolunteer as Design Dictator for and core contributor of which enables you to have web services under your control.

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