JavaScript Meetup – The French night

JavaScript Meetup – The French night 29 Nov 2011 - 19:00

Alexandre Morgaut and Thibaud Arguillere about Server-Side JavaScript: State of the art

The first topic is an overview about the existing Server-Side JavaScript solutions like Narwhal, RingoJS, Persevere, IronJS, NodeJS, Akshell, GPSEE, Wakanda, MongoDB, CouchDB, and others and their specificities.

Florian Halmburger about PartnerGate 2

Currently, InterNetWire Web-Development GmbH develops a new stand alone PartnerGate from scratch. The next generation of PartnerGate is to set new standards for the registrar industry regarding usability, interfaces, innovative features and services. Our paramount goal is to provide a more intelligent, more flexible and faster system for domain name administration.

Alexandre Morgaut and Thibaud Arguillere about JavaScript Everywhere with Wakanda

The second topic is about the Wakanda open source project (The team just published the second developer preview and all the nightly builds are available) and an overview of:

  • the NoSQL JavaScript Object Wakanda Datastore, usable from any external technology via its REST API (as CouchDB)
  • the Wakanda Desktop IDE which most components are HTML5 Web Apps (the DataModel Designer, the GUI Designer, the Debugger, …)
  • the Wakanda Framework: all the server business logic is made usable in browsers via a “rich” Ajax Framework (excluding parts made private)
  • an example of an ExtJS interface easily interacting with the Model defined in the Wakanda server via a light proxy developed by a member of our young community

The meetup starts at 19:00, the talks start at 19:30.

No registration required. This time, there is no registration process. We expect there to be enough space for everyone, but recommend to come early.

Catering. Beverages are available for purchase at the location, at a fair price that helps recover some of the costs of hosting us. There won’t be any food on sale, so each of us will have to bring their own. Beverages and Food sponsored by Wakanda!


Sonnenstrasse 32

80331 München

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