JavaScript Meetup

JavaScript Meetup 4 Jul 2012 - 19:00

Location: Waldwirtschaft Großhesselohe. Please register on Eventbrite (you need a ticket in order to get in).

19:00 – Gathering and light refreshments.
19:30 – First talk by Thorben Ziemek.
19:45 – Short break and networking.
20:00 – Second talk by Dariusz Parys.
20:45 – Short break and networking.
21:00 – Closing talk by Tobias Schneider.
21:30 – Networking and socializing.

Location, food and drinks sponsored by Refined Labs.

Thorben Ziemek: Screenshot-based regression testing with CasperJS [15 min]

Built on top of WebKit-based PhantomJS, CasperJS provides a set of tools for headless browser testing. The talk will include a short overview on CasperJS and an extension for screenshot comparisons which which can be used in continuous integration scenarios.

Thorben Ziemek (@thorben_z) is frontend JavaScript and PHP developer at Refined Labs.

Dariusz Parys: Everything Web Developers Must Know to Build Metro Style Apps [45 min]

Did you know that you can write a Windows 8 Metro Style App using JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3? In my talk I will give a brief technical overview of the platform and showcase the app development basics.

Dariusz Parys (@writeline) is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft Germany.

Tobias Schneider: The Web is the Platform [30 min]

You’ve probably heard about the new kid on the block, Boot to Gecko, Mozilla’s attempt to create a free and open OS for mobile devices, using nothing but the Web. In my talk I will give you an overview of the current state of the project and the APIs that drive the platform, the motivation and goals behind it and last but not least the ability to get your hands on a real device, powered by the open Web.

Tobias Schneider (@tobeytailor) is a Munich-based research Engineer at Mozilla.


Waldwirtschaft München

Georg-Kalb-Str. 3

82049 München

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