JavaScript Meetup

JavaScript Meetup 28 Nov 2013 - 19:00

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We meet at 19:00, the first talk starts at 19:30. Food, drinks and location are sponsored by Netlight

  • Netlight introduce themselves & short talk about a Tool made with Node.js (15min)
  • Talks “Stop Talking About the Web as the Future” by Stephan Bönnemann and David Pfahler (15min)
  • Talk “Wakanda – Server Side JavaScript” by Christian Goergen (20min)
  • Talk “Ptolemy – rendering maps in the browser” by Julian Viereck (20min)
  • Break (20min)
  • Talk “Status of ECMAScript 6” by Dmitry Lomov (20min)

Stop Talking About the Web as the Future (Stephan Bönnemann and David Pfahler, 15min)

Why we need to turn the mobile world upside down and make mobile web app development a real alternative NOW. Plus a short introduction to our framework and private beta invites ;)

David and Stephan
The founders of excellenteasy. They’ve been working on mobile web apps since 2010.

Wakanda – Server Side JavaScript by (Christian Goergen, 20min)

The talk is about using Wakanda Server to do web based applications. Here the client and server side and also the connetion to the database is programmed in JavaScript.

Christian Goergen
I´m staff of 4D, a company that develops a development tool for client/server business applications since 25 years. After my apprentice ship I got into the new application Wakanda for that I do presentations and support.

Ptolemy – rendering maps in the browser (Julian Viereck, 20min)

The web platform has many maps: Google, Bing, Nokia, OpenStreetMap… they all have their own maps and APIs to embed them. However, rendering maps offline in the browser is not there yet. This is where Ptolemy comes in. It’s a project from Mozilla to see if rendering maps in the browser can be done using the web platform and provide sufficient good offline capabilities.

Julian Viereck
Swimmer, Student, JavaScript Developer, Mozillian. Currenlty doing an internship at Google in Munich.
Julian Viereck

Status of ECMAScript 6 (Dmitry Lomov, 20min)

Some details from the latest set of features for ECMAScript 6. We will talk about Promises, Object.observe and current status of ES6. We will also touch on some features that are upcoming for ES7, including typed objects (formerly known as binary data), SIMD support and more.

Dmitry Lomov
I am an engineer on V8 team at Google Munich, and also one of Google representatives at TC39 (JavaScript standardization committee).
Dmitry Lomov


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