MunichJS Meetup

MunichJS Meetup 2 May 2013 - 19:00

Food, drinks and location are sponsored by YOU IS NOW.
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  • 19:00 Gathering, drinks, food.
  • 19:30 Talk “Proof Of Concepts mit der Google Maps JavaScript API” by Roland See
  • 19:40 Talk “Holy U+1F4A9, Batman!” by Manuel Strehl
  • 20:25 Break
  • 20:40 Lightning talk “Build a Homepage cheap & easy” by Robert Kuzelj
  • 20:50 Talk “JavaScript frontend testing from failure to good to great” by Philipp Fehre

Proof Of Concepts mit der Google Maps JavaScript API (Roland See, 10min)

Der Talk gibt Einblick in einen Proof Of Concept für eine responsive Webseite, die u.a. „location based services“ auf Basis der Scout24 API bietet. Grundlagen für den PoC bilden das Twitter Bootstrap Framework, jQuery sowie diverse Möglichkeiten der Google Maps Geolocation API.

Roland See: Seit ca. 9 Jahren in der Scout24 Gruppe in München als Webentwickler vorwiegend im Bereich Frontend tätig. Entwicklung hauptsächlich im Microsoft-Umfeld mit .NET / C# / MVC sowie PHP.

Holy U+1F4A9, Batman! (Manuel Strehl, 45min)

Der Talk gibt eine Einführung in Unicode (à la “The Absolute Minimum Every Software Developer Absolutely, Positively Must Know About Unicode and Character Sets” by Joel Spolsky) und was es dazu bei JS zu beachten gilt (z.B. UCS-2 vs UTF-16), sobald man die Sicherheit der Basic Multilingual Plane verlässt. Wir erkunden die Wunderwelt der Emojis, UTF-8 in URLs (und was IRIs sind) und werfen einen abschließenden Blick auf die neue Internationalization API in ECMAScript 6 sowie einige Internationalisierungsoptionen wie gettext und MessageFormat.

Manuel Strehl: Web developer from Regensburg with deep interest in SVG, XML and Unicode. Author of

Build a Homepage cheap & easy (Robert Kuzelj, 10min)

How to build a serverless but interactive homepage for a usergroup with basic and free tools (JS/HTML/CSS/jQuery/JSON/Github) and 0€.

Robert Kuzelj: Payment expert, entrepreneur, geek, CEO of jusai-marketing.

JavaScript frontend testing from failure to good to great (Philipp Fehre, 45min)

Frontend testing is not as TDD friendly as it could be. Tools like PhantomJS and alike come in for the rescue, but they are only part of the solution the other part is having the right setup to actually provide the fast feedback loop essential for TDD.

This talk provides a quick introduction to TDD on the frontend, with tips and tricks to get you up and running quickly.

Philipp Fehre: I am a Rails, Node.js, Javascript developer, and avid Vim user. Working for Cospired GmbH, building web apps. When I am not in the office you might also find me at some coffeeshop working on OpenSource stuff.


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