Topic meetup

Topic meetup 6 Mar 2014 - 19:00

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Topic: Client Side Testing


This time we try out our new format: Meetup with Topic. There will be only one talk and after that you have the chance to code, hack, talk and drink with other JavaScript Developers.

Wolfram Kriesing (uxebu) : For more than three years we had been developing TDD style, getting over the initial bumps and doubts. But just when a colleague said “do you remember the last regression?” I realized what the value is. In the same project we used to have regression fails every week, before we started with TDD.

All that in JavaScript land using node.js and client side JS. We learned a lot and would love to share with you why we think the monopoly language in the browser needs to get more quality love and how we think it can be achieved.

There will be a hands-on coding dojo too, where you can see it in action, practice the red-green-refactor cycle and hopefully get hooked.

I always like to say that TDD is like learning to program from scratch, but better.


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