JavaScript meetup

JavaScript meetup 8 Jan 2015 - 19:00

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  • 19:00 Socializing, food, drinks
  • 19:30 Welcome
  • [20min] “Mobile web apps with ‘native app’ features” (Franziska Hinkelmann)
  • [20min] “The LeBroN stack” (Julian Gruber)
  • Break
  • [20min] “Web icon pain killer” (Mario Volke)
  • [20min] “ReactJS + Tests” (Wolfram Kriesing)

Mobile web apps with ‘native app’ features (Franziska Hinkelmann)

Native apps allow you to take full advantage of all the device features. The downside? You have to develop, well, native apps. That’s a steep learning curve if you are a web developer. But did you know how easy it is to access motion sensors in mobile browsers? Or that that you can access geolocation data? You can read gyroscope and accelerometer data in your web app and it is stunningly simple. In fact, so simple, that I can show you how to capture motion sensor data with just a few lines of code. We’ll also take a peek at ServiceWorker, a new feature for the web platform that lets a script persistently cache resources and handle all resource requests for an application.With ServiceWorker you can build web apps that work offline. You can use it as a basis for “background” features such as push messaging and background sync. Allowing you to build web apps with even more native app features.

Franziska Hinkelmann: Software consultant at TNG Technology Consulting. PHP developer during the day, JavaScript at night.

The LeBroN stack (Julian Gruber)

LeBroN – that’s LevelDB, Browserify and Npm – is a triumvirate of technologies that lets you create applications for the web in a very lightweight and lean manner. Covering data storage, realtime updates, packaging and package management, you can quickly create applications that do a lot. I’ll live code a real time chat (or something like that), composing many small parts and show casing the simplicity and effectiveness of the abstractions at hand.

Julian Gruber: I’m a full stack software engineer from southern Germany, involved in many open source projects, as well as shipping node for Check out my GitHub:

Web icon pain killer (Mario Volke)

Utilizing pixel-based icons in the era of responsive web design and retina displays is pointless. But the often used icon fonts approach has several disadvantages, too. To make them look consistent on different devices and operating systems can be a pain. This talk introduces you to a more modern web icon system.

Mario Volke has been working as freelance web developer since 2006. He finished his studies with a degree in Master of Computer Science in 2012. His main interest is to combine modern web technologies with the best possible user experience.

ReactJS + Tests (Wolfram Kriesing)

I will show you ReactJS and the power of it. Then I take a step back and show you that UI is not hard to test, especially not with React.

Wolfram Kriesing: I sleep better when I verified that I turned off the light. And I also sleep better when all tests are green. And I always bite myself when I merge and don’t run the tests again and push. Ouch. #learning


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