JavaScript meetup

JavaScript meetup 5 Mar 2015 - 19:00

Free Drinks sponsored by BörseGo AG


• 19:00 Socializing, drinks for free, food for money

• 19:30 Welcome

• [20min] “Advancing JS and breaking the web?” (Christian Heilmann)

Oh, JavaScript. People hate, it, people love it, people want to replace it, and yet it stayed for years. In this quick talk I shall remind us what we had, how lucky we are now, what we should do and how we can advance the language without breaking the web.

• [40min] “UX Research – One without all, please” (Christina Eckleder)

Für UX Research braucht man doch einen Psychologen, oder? Außerdem dauert das doch lange und mit weniger als 20 Probanden, braucht man doch gar nicht erst anzufangen? – Um UX Research ranken sich viele Mythen und oft werden Usertests und andere Methoden nicht in betracht gezogen, weil diese als zu zeit- und kostenintensiv empfunden werden.

Erfahren Sie in dieser Session wie viel UX Research mit überschaubaren Kosten durchgeführt werden kann und wie sie diesen Vorteil gerade in agilen Prozessen nutzen können, um die User Experience eines Produktes zu steigern.

• [30min] Break

• [55min] “Why AngularJS isn’t always the best choice” (Robin Böhm, Philipp Tarasiewicz)

You are working with AngularJS or plan to adapt it soon? Consider to attend our talk beforehand to get a critical insight into AngularJS. Why are we, as AngularJS advocates, starting new projects opposing our initial views on AngularJS? What is AngularJS doing wrong? Why? How could it be improved? Are other frameworks providing more? Will Angular 2.0 be an improvement? Why are there no pleasant solutions to date, whereas full-stack frameworks were able to provide those years ago?

We are trying to answer the broad spectrum of questions raised by you. But be warned! This talk could give you a reality check, although it’s far too late! We combine two years of experience in full-time consulting and a thorough knowledge of AngularJS to cut right to the chase of the matter.

• Music, socializing, drinks


Werk1 Café

Grafinger Str. 6


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