JavaScript User Group Summit

JavaScript User Group Summit 10 Mar 2016 - 19:00

The next meetup is a summit of four Munich JavaScript user groups, to celebrate the JavaScript community in Munich: MunichJS, Node.js User Group, AngularJS Meetup, ReactJS Meetup. Every user group contributed a talk and every user group has their own quota of tickets.

Registration is mandatory: please register via one of the following pages (at most once).


  • 19:00 Socializing, food, drinks
  • 19:30 Welcome
  • [15min] Software Development as a Team Sport (Katya Kempkens)
  • [30min] Image Segmentation in JavaScript (Bodo Kaiser)
  • [20min] Break
  • [20min] Anatomy of a large Angular application (Kristian Poslek)
  • [20min] Building modern APIs with Falcor (Mikołaj Dądela)

Location sponsored by Stylight GmbH.

Food sponsored by TNG Technology Consulting GmbH.

Software Development as a Team Sport (Katya Kempkens)

Based on experience, I will draw parallels between being a part of a professional sports team and a software development team.

Katya Kempkens: Having won the World Championship in synchronized swimming, Katya moved from Moscow to the Bay Area to study Computer Science at Stanford University. Katya experienced working for Valley startups, such as mobile gaming company
Digital Chocolate and the streaming/sharing platform Imeem (later acquired by myspace) as well as for global B2B tech companies like SAP and Citrix. She is currently a Senior Java Developer at Stylight.

Anatomy of a large Angular application (Kristian Poslek)

A fresh application always starts out as that one application that’s going to be designed for easy maintenance and development.
Unfortunately, it’s just a matter of time until that application becomes non-trivial and needs reorganisation and/or a rewrite.
The point of this talk is to present an architecture, battle-tested in a large Angular application, that's not going to drive you insane.

Kristian Poslek: I am a frontend-focused developer who like to dabble in various backend technologies.
I've been doing web development for 7 years now and followed the shift from no JavaScript to jQuery to the newest stuff.
Angular is my usual choice and day-to-day tool, but the choice that we have today is exciting.

Building modern APIs with Falcor (Mikołaj Dądela)

When building a REST API, you need to decide which fields of an object should be returned. And whatever you settle on, it's always too little in some cases or too much in some other cases. And building complex RPC-like APIs instead isn't fun. In my talk, I will show how to utilize Falcor to build “one API to rule them all”, that would combine simplicity of use, flexibility and performance. And it's easy to connect with React too!

Mikołaj Dądela: Made his first website in 2001. Currently full-stack dev @ Lovelybooks. Open source enthusiast.



Nymphenburger Str. 86

80636 München

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