JavaScript Meetup

JavaScript Meetup 6 Jul 2011 - 19:00

Michael Haszprunar about Oooom – Code faster with Zen

This talk shows how to speed up HTML/CSS coding with Zen Coding. This is a plugin available for almost every editor and can also be used as jQuery plugin for templating purposes.
Talk will be 99% demo showing how to utilize Zen Coding in daily coding practice.

Michael Haszprunar
is Teacher at Siemens Academy for Web Development and IT project manager at Nokia Siemens Networks.

Sebastian Slomski about Coffee Script

Introduction to Coffee Script, a language that compiles down to Javascript and lets you write cleaner code.
A mix of Python, Ruby and Javascript.

Sebastian Slomski is Pythonista, and now he is developing apps for mobile devices in Javascript.

Felix Niklas about LayerStyles – Frontend Development in the Browser

I will talk about both my first javascript and first open source project called “LayerStyles”, to generate the css code for shadows, gradients, borders and border-radii. I will discuss my personal highlight – the REAL color-picker using html5 canvas – and do a Q&A.
LayerStyles is online under

Felix Niklas is an 22 years old hacker, just recently finished his bachelors in media technology / media informatics. Besides hacking he likes to play drums, e-bass and soccer.

Slides and Resources

zen coding on google code
CoffeScript on GitHub
Sebastian Slomski about CoffeScript (HTML5 Slides)
LayerStyles Homepage
LayerStyles on GitHub


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